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Rejuvenating Home Massage: Book a Mind at Ease Mobile Massage Newmarket

When you book with Mind at Ease, I can bring my services to you for premium mobile massage in Newmarket. Take the time to relax when you need it.

Newmarket Mobile Massage Services

I offer a full range of massage services suitable for clients at home, in the workplace, and even at hotels. Read through my range of services to find which massage wellness program best suits your needs.

Massage Therapy

With my extensive background in healthcare, rehabilitation, and injury management, this massage treatment approach holds a special place in my practice. Perfect for those seeking a massage with firmer pressure, its primary objective is to restore ease of movement while alleviating the daily discomfort associated with muscle tension, trigger points, and general aches and pains.

This treatment is beneficial for individuals who desire a more intense massage experience. By applying deeper pressure and targeting specific areas of concern, it aims to provide relief and promote healing. Furthermore, it is an ideal choice for those recovering from an injury or coping with the strain of intense sports training. By incorporating this treatment into their regimen, individuals can expedite their muscle recovery process and alleviate tightness.

Whether you're seeking relaxation or therapeutic benefits, this treatment is tailored to meet your unique needs. By combining my expertise in healthcare, rehabilitation, and injury management, I strive to deliver a massage experience that not only rejuvenates your body but also enhances your overall well-being.

My mobile treatments are available across the wider Auckland region, so whether you are looking for a mobile massage in Remuera and Newmarket or up in the North Shore, you can get the luxury massage your body needs.

Relaxation Massage

Everybody needs a moment of relaxation and pampering from time to time. If you're feeling fatigued, in need of some personal time, or simply prefer lighter pressure during your massage, then this is the perfect treatment for you.

You can immerse yourself in the soothing ambience of your surroundings, recline comfortably, and indulge in the calming melodies of a spa soundtrack while enjoying the fragrant scents of essential oils blended into the massage oils. After the Mind at Ease relaxation massage, you'll rise from the table feeling revitalised and thoroughly relaxed.

This massage allows you to recharge your energy and rejuvenate your senses, providing a much-needed break from the demands of daily life in Auckland. Take this opportunity to prioritise self-care and indulge in a moment of pure bliss and tranquillity.

To make a booking, contact me by calling 021-082-56024 or emailing

Corporate Day Bookings

With the ever-increasing pressures and fast pace of Auckland working life, I believe it's crucial to prioritise employee wellness and health in the workplace. That's why I offer this corporate package, which focuses on providing on-site massages to hardworking team members.

This massage initiative aims to create a space for relaxation and unwinding, while also addressing the discomfort caused by suboptimal or prolonged postures and the general stressors of day-to-day life.

As a professional with a wealth of experience in the healthcare and rehabilitation field, combined with in-depth knowledge of the body's anatomy and physiology, I possess a comprehensive understanding of which muscle groups are impacted by different movements and postures.

This enables me to deliver customised massage treatments that cater to the specific needs of employees in various roles across different industries with my mobile massage in Auckland.

Rest assured, all the necessary equipment will be provided, and the only requirement is a private space where employees can receive their massage. By implementing this corporate package, you'll be taking a proactive step towards enhancing employee well-being and fostering a healthier business environment.

Spa Hotel Massage

As someone who understands the significance of guests being able to fully embrace their Auckland holiday experience soon after departing from home, I believe it's essential to offer opportunities for indulgence and complete immersion in a relaxing massage.

That's why I offer an indulgent pampering massage treatment, which allows both the mind and body to unwind and alleviate any muscle tension accumulated during hectic and demanding periods. With flexible scheduling options available, guests can easily book appointments that suit their preferences and availability.

Moreover, rest assured that all the necessary equipment will be provided. The only requirement is a private and serene space where guests can fully enjoy their treatment. By prioritising these moments of tranquillity and rejuvenation, guests can make the most of their well-deserved getaway and achieve a state of complete holiday bliss.

To get a quote, booking information or answers to any questions you may have, contact Mind at Ease Auckland today.

Book Now From Your Home in Auckland

Mind at Ease offers a range of luxury and therapeutic Newmarket massage treatments. Whether you are looking for full body massage therapy, an indulgent relaxation massage or even a massage solution to supplement the wellness of your employees, it's so easy to book with Mind at Ease - I bring my business to you. Contact me today!

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